Creating A Slogan
Your business needs a slogan, even if it is never used in a marketing campaign.

Here's why: Slogans help distill the essence of your business into a few words that will always lead you to helpful insights on the purpose of your business.

This was definitely the case for our own company. WE THINK - YOU THRIVE is the distillation of dozens of items on a list titled, What Do We Do? On the list were things like, 'We program, we market, we plan.'

All this was true, and helpful, but not the essence of what we do at Ohio Coding. Underneath is all is: WE THINK.

YOU THRIVE was arrived at because, well, its not used much anymore. And THRIVE is such a rich word with a slightly different meaning to everyone.

When we put the four words together, it rang true as EXACTLY the way we want to do business.

Try it yourself if you haven't already. Make a list of what your business does and then dig deeper for the underlying connections.

Or hire us to do it. After all, WE THINK - YOU THRIVE!

How Maximum Response Is Created
Having developed websites since 1998, I've learned technology is amazing, but what matters more is a creative mind behind the site, foreseeing the uses for the site, and engineering appropriate responses.

For example, you might have heard a web site should do what the user wants, but that is incorrect.

A web site should cause the user to take actions which the site owner wants them to take. Maximum response is achieved when the actions of the user mirror the needs of the site owner.